Rewire Your Brain: Overeating

Overeating is caused by stress overload that encodes faulty wiring. Emotional Brain Training (EBT) gives us the tools and support to change those wires and decrease our drive to overeat.

What happens in the brain? The root cause of overeating is wiring that keeps the brain in the stress habit. Once that wiring is encoded, we have strong emotional drives to overeat, and carbohydrates unleash chemical surges that make us feel comforted, loved, and satisfied.

Why does EBT work? EBT goes to the root cause of overeating and rewires the brain, equipping us with the emotional tools to process stress effectively and to turn off the drive to overeat. The EBT tools are important to success with eating well because the faulty wiring that promotes these strong drives is stored in the emotional brain. Only emotional tools can rewire the emotional brain. As the drive to overeat fades, we can lose weight more easily and experience a new sense of comfort and freedom in our lives.

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