Rewire Your Brain: Stress Overload

Life can be going well for us, but then a cluster of losses, changes or upsets cause the brain to become stuck in stress. Our wiring changes, so we easily can feel overwhelmed, lost or confused.

What happens in the brain? When the brain is overloaded with stress, it encodes survival circuits in the emotional brain. Then these wires cause stress to be chronic and drain our neurotransmitters. The wires from the past keep being activated over and over again, getting in the way of our feeling of peace and power from within.

Why does EBT work? EBT goes to the root cause of depression and rewires the brain, equipping us with the emotional tools to process stress effectively and to feel our positive emotions. The EBT tools are important to treating depression because they rewire the emotional brain, which stores the faulty emotional circuits that can cause depression.

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