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Rewire Your Brain Now!

Learn the tools to rewire your own brain. In the first four weeks of EBT, you'll learn how to discover a wire and how to weaken or break it. When you change your wiring, you change your life!

Get started with EBT to learn the basic skills to rewire your own brain. These wires are stored in the emotional brain, which is the social brain. It rewires most efficiently with small group training by telephone. So we offer telegroups and coaching by telephone to make this special experience convenient for all.

Get the optimal training experience by ordering the Great Start Package, the combination of services that produces the best results.

The Great Start Package (Telegroup Plus Coaching):

  • Weekly 1 hour sessions by telephone with 6 participants and a Certified EBT Provider.
  • 1 private coaching session by telephone (25 minutes) every 4 weeks with your Certified eBT Provider.
  • Support from other telegroup members between sessions with our private telephone system.
  • Our e-learning package with videos, audios and e-books, for step-by-step guidance.
  • The tools and support to rewire your brain and change your life.

$55 per week for 4 weeks*

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Other Packages

TeleCoaching Package
1 private TeleCoaching session every 4 weeks Our e-learning package with videos, audios and e-books $75* per month Join TeleCoaching
e-Learning Package
Our e-learning package with videos, audios and e-books $25* per month Join E-Learning

*4-week minimum membership. Membership is automatically renewed every 4 weeks unless cancelled.

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