Theresa Barry-Greb MS, PT Certified EBT Provider Since 2007 Located in Lexington, US

About Theresa

I am a certified EBT provider in Lexington, Ky. and own the Facilitative Healing Center where I conduct Wired For Joy Groups and advance EBT Groups on a regular basis. I also do EBT coaching for individuals wanting to learn EBT.

What Brought Me To EBT

I wanted to learn more about how stress affected weight gain and found the neuroscience very interesting. I started doing my own personal work and found out how much better I feel when I am wired at a 1. I continue to learn more about EBT each day.

My Top 3 Sources Of Joy

My first source of joy is my connection to the source of unconditional love and nature. My second source of joy is my husband and four children. My third source of joy is from my family and friends.

My Professional History

I am a licensed physical therapist in Lexington, Kentucky where I graduated from the University of Kentucky in 1984. I have been practicing physical therapy for the past 28 years. I received my Master's degree in Education in 1990 from the University of Kentucky. I taught at Midway College in the Physical Therapy Assistant program for five years. I became fully certified as an EBT provider in 2007. I continue to teach Wired for Joy and EBT groups in Lexington, Kentucky.

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