Michele Welling MD Certified EBT Provider Since 2013 Located in Versailles, KY

About Michele

Welcome to my website! I am an Internal Medicine physician, as well as an addiction specialist. I am also a wife, mother and grandmother. My professional interests include teaching and practicing EBT to help others to attain joy in their lives! My personal interests include cooking, gardening, weaving, knitting, spinning, reading and walking. My personal joy in life comes from helping others to achieve health and vibrancy in their lives!

What Brought Me To EBT

My search for personal awareness and interest in helping others to attain that. My desire to have peace, happiness and a connection to spirituality in my life.

My Top 3 Sources Of Joy

Teaching and living the practices of emotional brain training, seeing my children grow and achieve self-esteem, and staying connected to myself and my path in life.

My Professional History

Physician, health educator, Addiction Specialist, Avatar master, certified EBT provider

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