Eve Lowry RD Certified EBT Provider Since 2000 Located in Shingle Springs, CA

About Eve

I'm a mom, a dietitian, a business owner, a hiker, swimmer, writer and lover. I have many loves, most of them are people. I'm a good cook, I live in the woods where cell phones don't work and internet is sketchy. Luckily I'm not a fan of technology and I have a landline for important phone calls. I'm blessed with a teenager who brings me great joy... and provides me with an endless source of material for personal work. I feel really grateful that I get to do this work; to witness my participants transforming their lives.

What Brought Me To EBT

The short answer? My weight. The story: I was exhibiting my nutrition audiovisuals at a dietitians meeting in 1999 and met Laurel, exhibiting her Solution program. I had read her book and known immediately it was "the missing piece" in weight control, but had avoided "doing the work" (retraining my own brain) for 6 years. I was too busy with my private practice, family, promotion of my cook book and audiovisuals. Sound familiar? I didn't have time to do the most important thing - transform my life! Laurel was enlisting RD's to train as Providers. I signed on, there was no turning back.

My Top 3 Sources Of Joy

Connecting with myself, others and the universe. How does that look? Walking outdoors with a friend, talking, cycling, soaking up nature, feeling love, experiencing intimacy. Swimming laps, connecting with my strength, feeling vibrant and alive, allowing the sensuality of suspension in my water world. Registering the joy of being alive. Making breakfast for my sleepy, grouchy teenager, feeling love and compassion for myself, and my child. Going outside, anytime, and looking up.

My Professional History

I've been providing Solution groups since 2000, and now provide EBT groups and coaching; tele-groups through the Institute and face-to-face groups at Kaiser Permanente in Sacramento. The Kaiser groups are self-pay and open to non-Kaiser participants. I am an RD, graduated UCB in 1976, have specialized in weight management and disordered eating for 36 years. I have a personal interest in obesity as I got "fat" when I was 10, dieted all through high school, became a dietitian to learn everything about nutrition (to be thin) and learned that information isn't the answer. EBT is.

Eve's Testimonials

EBT is a powerful yet gentle process, complete with an effective set of tools that have given me a depth of hope and healing that is simply astounding. Having returned to the work after a hiatus during which I experienced many difficult challenges, I found it to be even more targeted and effective. I was so pleased to know that the newer brain science had actually confirmed the basis of this work that Dr. Mellin and her colleagues have developed over three decades - and to see the updated presentation of the tools and background information was a joy.
I have enjoyed interacting with new people - and some that I had known previously as well. Working together was a beautiful experience and I feel happy to report that I am wired at 1...and ready to move into the real freedom that comes from this process and living my own unique and beautiful life.
THANK YOU, Dr. Mellin, my Coach Eve, and all who walked with me on this journey - it is a journey that will continue throughout my life. I have tools that are part of me now - even more than before - and I look forward to every day, whether I am at a 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - or even 5 Brain State. Those tools will stand me in good stead as I am present in my own life, with all its ups and downs, its twists and turns...its trials and its glorious gifts! I am body, soul, mind, and spirit - and I am off to do what I came to earth to do! I wish everyone the opportunity to walk this path. No matter where one is in his or her life, these tools find a home in the heart as well as in the brain.
To joy!

February 2017

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